awesome accessories

With spring upon us- these new accessories will bring your wardrobe out of the gloom


Red hat $34


Roman coin inspired necklace $50


Leather danglers! $45


Bottle opener keychains $12



Beautiful Buddhas!

Amazing decor inspired by our fave seated figure


Buddha banks! $18



Heart teacozy $125



Seated red $16 Big green head $40


Kaliyana $66


Trucker hat $22




More wild life!

We are just crazy about the outdoors here in B.C. and a lot of the art in store is inspired by it!

Fox S&P $14


Moose! $16

Fun guys! on a scarf $46


Mushroom earrings! $46

Owlie awesome! …



Check out some cool marine life product featuring our fave the OCTOPUS!



Handmade bowls by Blackbird Studios $20



Octopus bag $44



Set of stacking cups $46



Marine life print on wood $25…


Awesome wildlife

Bring some funny bunnies or beautiful bison into your home with these pieces.



Bunny mirror hook $45



Bison art print $225



Surfing goat man printed on wood $25


Owl statues $45-$15…


Beautiful printed work!

Check out all of this fabulous printed product we have in right now!



The Madeline wallet from Smoking Lily $50


Bikes! Naomi zipper pouch from Smoking Lily $20 Simple tee $38



Cheese board from Black …


OOOOH! I see diamonds

Fall always means new designs and collections from some of our favourite designers.

Here are a few that we love!


Bauxo is a fabulous company out of Edmonton…..they use silver plated metal, brass, leather and now raw cut diamonds!!!! …