Awesome wildlife

Bring some funny bunnies or beautiful bison into your home with these pieces.



Bunny mirror hook $45



Bison art print $225



Surfing goat man printed on wood $25


Owl statues $45-$15…


Beautiful printed work!

Check out all of this fabulous printed product we have in right now!



The Madeline wallet from Smoking Lily $50


Bikes! Naomi zipper pouch from Smoking Lily $20 Simple tee $38



Cheese board from Black …


OOOOH! I see diamonds

Fall always means new designs and collections from some of our favourite designers.

Here are a few that we love!


Bauxo is a fabulous company out of Edmonton…..they use silver plated metal, brass, leather and now raw cut diamonds!!!! …


Back to school!

September hits and whether or not you are a student you have this feeling of packing up the beach gear and getting out the school gear….here are a couple of items that may help with that process!


Wooden heart …


New for Fall


Fall 2014 is upon us!


As the seasons change check out all our fabulous designers and their new product.




Smoking Lily headband (supersoft!) $19

Modify earrings BauXo shiny silver hoops $42



Terrarium $26…


Odds and ends


This is all cool stuff!



Blackbird studios mugs and necklaces $42 & $35.


Smoking lily marine inspired cardigan $52

Dconstruct resin bangles and necklaces $32 and $34


Phaulet double sided earrings $48



Floating …