2014-03-29 13.07.50

New new new!

Unicorn ring holder $24

Chunky chain necklace $36

Layered chain necklace $32

Simple tee $34

Obi belt $28

Long feather necklace $40

Birdie necklace $50


Mini disc Necklace $28…

2014-03-29 13.04.08

Brass and wood



Check out all of our brass and wood accessories!

Flight path leather printed studs $28




Brass rings “Insist on Happiness” $60

Turquoise earrings $24


Wood necklaces @mismatching $20-$32…


Happy April!

April showers bring May flowers…happy spring weather!

Curio designs wallet $42





Faceted jewel necklace $32



Cotton tote bag $44


Pirate Rose Pottery stoneware plate S/M/L $24/$32/$40




Spring accessories

Some exciting and new prints in Smoking Lily product and the return of some old faves too!



Real Leather belts $32

Red, Blue, Green, Black and Brown are available.



Fish, Horses and lotus flowers!

Orange, teal …

2014-02-03 14.50.46

Unique artwork

Funktional has some beautiful pieces of art on the walls.


These are just a few of our new additions.


The Lonely Pixel $25-$28


Mossy Buddhas $195


Houdini $175…


Cozy Home

These pieces are all home decor.

Redecorating or just freshening up the look in your home all these pieces would be happy additions!


Gnomes $60

Felt wine holder $42

Ceramic cups $35

Clever fawn pillows $50


Buddhas $18…