Random spring awesomeness

Sometimes new items come in so quickly!

Like pretty much all at the same time!

Here`s some cool stuff we just got in.



Spring scarf $22


Fox luggage tag $11

terrarium $20-$32


paper mache skull $28…


Beautiful new artwork!

Spring time is always a fabulous time to freshen up the art work in your home.

Check out these awesome options we currently have in stock.


Wooden postcards can also double as wall art Cedar Mountain Studios $6

X …


awesome accessories

With spring upon us- these new accessories will bring your wardrobe out of the gloom


Red hat $34


Roman coin inspired necklace $50


Leather danglers! $45


Bottle opener keychains $12



Beautiful Buddhas!

Amazing decor inspired by our fave seated figure


Buddha banks! $18



Heart teacozy $125



Seated red $16 Big green head $40


Kaliyana $66


Trucker hat $22




More wild life!

We are just crazy about the outdoors here in B.C. and a lot of the art in store is inspired by it!

Fox S&P $14


Moose! $16

Fun guys! on a scarf $46


Mushroom earrings! $46

Owlie awesome! …



Check out some cool marine life product featuring our fave the OCTOPUS!



Handmade bowls by Blackbird Studios $20



Octopus bag $44



Set of stacking cups $46



Marine life print on wood $25…


Awesome wildlife

Bring some funny bunnies or beautiful bison into your home with these pieces.



Bunny mirror hook $45



Bison art print $225



Surfing goat man printed on wood $25


Owl statues $45-$15…


Beautiful printed work!

Check out all of this fabulous printed product we have in right now!



The Madeline wallet from Smoking Lily $50


Bikes! Naomi zipper pouch from Smoking Lily $20 Simple tee $38



Cheese board from Black …