• Bicycles and wild animals!

    We have some great product in store to cuddle up to right now….

    Can`t have a pet at home……check out these great animal pillows!

    Animal pillows! $32

    animal pouches in bright colours! $24

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  • awesome jewelry!

    Birds, utility knives and bling-

    there is a wide variety of jewelry in store- something to suit everyone!

    Cuff $60, studs $29, bracelet $26 necklace $66

    Ugly Bunny necklaces $45

    Anne-Marie Chagnon necklace $45 earring $28…

  • new fall looks!

    fall is a great time to accessorize!

    check out new hats and scarves!

    DeLux acrylic deep wine in colour! $28

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    Bikes, bunnies, whales and skulls! new jersey scarves from Smoking Lily $28

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  • Back to school in stock now!

    Here is some of our best picks for back to school this year!


    Knee high socks $14

    Whale lunch boxes! $24

    New styles of water bottles to keep you hydrated! $32

    Anchors, feathers and whales! loop scarves from smoking …